A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety written and narrated by Jimmy Carter

A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety - Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter


I just finished listening to this autobiography and most of it was very interesting.


I reserved this at the library about a week before the news came out about Jimmy Carter's cancer. I have always respected the man, even if I haven't always agreed with his policies, and I wanted to learn more about him.


What I discovered was that Jimmy Carter is a fascinating man. I have always heard him described as a "peanut farmer" and I find myself wondering why. I had never heard that he served in the Navy. I hadn't heard that he was a submariner or that he had a degree as a nuclear engineer. That's pretty far away from a peanut farmer, in my book.


It seems that President Carter has always been working, even as a child on his father's farm. It also seems that he is a good man at heart, and has donated many hours of his time supporting the causes important to him and his family. It was these charitable acts that I found the most interesting. Well, that and his relationships with other former presidents and world leaders.


I enjoyed this audiobook, narrated by President Carter himself. I will admit though, at times my mind did wander a little bit and I found a few portions to be a bit dry in the telling.


Other than those tiny issues, I enjoyed learning more about this former president and his personal life and I would recommend this audio book to anyone else that wants to learn the same.